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:: Baglietto - Vitale ::
Postales del Nuevo Mundo (2015)
Postales del Nuevo Mundo

A journey along rythms and songs from Latin America, from Mexico to the south. Lito and Juan are supported by a great band featuring Julián Baglietto (drums), Juan Pablo Rufino (bass), Mariano Delgado (guitar), Irene Cadario (violin), Paula Pomeraniec (cello), Emiliano Alvarez (clarinet), Luciano Vitale (flute) and Facundo Guevara (percussion).

= $ 22.- usd / = $ 200.- / Shiping not included.
Clásicos y Acústicos (2012)
Clásicos y Acústicos

Tangos, classic argentine folk songs, songs popularized by Baglietto and repertory composed and arragment by Vitale. All those are part of this new production of the Grammy Award Winning duo. Recorded live and filmed in HD format at Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires, with a totally acoustic set formed by Grand Piano, upright bass, classic guitar, drums, flute, clarinet, violin and cello

= $ 22.- usd / = $ 200.- / Shiping not included.
Más de lo mismo CD+DVD (2011)
Más de lo mismo CD+DVD

After ten year of playing together Lito & Juan presents this handful of timeless songs written by Argentine composers from all eras that they have always admired and played. With this new release, recorded live and edited in CD+DVD format, the Duo propose to activate the audience and spread the emotion that they feel by themself every time they play together.

= $ 22.00.- usd / = $ 200.- / Shiping not included.
Qué más hacer en esta tierra incendiada sino cantar (2001)
Qué más hacer en esta tierra incendiada sino cantar

New works by Lito vitale, Adrián Abonizio, Lucho González and Jorge Fandermole, among others.
"Premio Gardel" winning to "Best popular music album"

Inside: Malas palabras / Mi rostro de vos / Príncipe del manicomio / Fracasamos / Canto versos / Canción esdrújula / Alfabeto para locos / Pianíssimo / Cielos lejanos / Solo / Juntos por única vez.

= $ 20.- usd / = $ 180.- / Shiping not included.
Postales del alma (1999)
Postales del alma

New versions of classic tunes from Tango and folklore.
Winner of a Latin Grammy to "Best Tango album".

Inside: Postales del alma (Vitale-González-Abonizio) / El Mensú (Cidade - Ayala) / Tarde (José Canet) / La última curda (Troilo - Castillo) / Canción del Jangadero (Jaime Dávalos) / El Choclo (Villoldo-Discépolo) / Zamba de Lozano (Leguizamón-Castilla) / Lejana tierra mía (Gardel - Le Pera) / Cambalache (Enrique Santos Discépolo) / Nada (Dames - Sanguinetti) / Canción de cuna costera (Linares Cardozo) / Postales del alma -Chacarera- (Vitale-González-Abonizio).

= $ 20.- usd / = $ 180.- / Shiping not included.
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