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Memorias de un alma irreverente (2016)
Memorias de un alma irreverente

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SIWA V (2016)

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Recetario Panoramico Elemental Fantastico y Neumatico (2015)
Recetario Panoramico Elemental Fantastico y Neumatico

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Epifanias Profanas (2015)
Epifanias Profanas

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Adalay. Las almas sin edad (2014)
Adalay. Las almas sin edad

Esther Soto is National Teacher and Antropologist specialliced on Archeology. She worked in several excavations and she was Teacher at Buenos Aires University. On December 1978 funded MIA (Asociated Independent Musicians) with Rubens "Donvi" Vitale, their childrens, Liliana and Lito and also Alberto Muñoz, Juan del Barrio, Nono Belvis, Daniel Curto and Verónica Condomí among others musicians, artist and technicians. They created a new form of production, either for live performances and for album´s edition, becoming that way in a new reference for creativy activities around Argentina. Adaly is her first text of poetic prose.

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SIWA IV (2014)

Geographic Litearure. Book-magazine with special focus on its phisycal edition, accompanied by hundreds of ilustrations and old maps becoming an art object itself. This fourth number is dedicated to the Islands all around the world.
This edition also features guest writters like María Sonia Cristoff, María Mercedes Delgado Pérez, Natalia Gelós, Alejandro Winograd, Federico Lorenz, Luis Gusmán, Luis Chitarroni, Guillermo Saavedra, Ariel Dilon, Jorge Jinkis, Diego Erlan, Pedro B. Rey, Luis Sagasti, Armando Capalbo, Adolfo Linardi, Gonzalo Monterroso, Jonathan Franzen, Michel Le Bris, Hugo Padeletti y Ezequiel De Rosso

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Un Linyera Establecido (LIBRO) (2013)
Un Linyera Establecido (LIBRO)

From May to September 2012, Rubens Vitale (Donvi) was interviewed by Pablo Arias, a visual arts student at the Fine Arts Faculty of La Plata, who told him about the ideas that animated and marked his entire existence as a political, trade union leader , A reference in the country of self-management in music production and pedagogue, with the project of turning them into a book aimed at young people. He did not finish it, He left on October 27. Donvi was an excellent exhibitor and creator of ideas, with a particular method that combined time, space and themes, which ultimately merged into a central approach. That style gave very good results as a pedagogue, in the colloquial transmission of his thoughts. The central themes revolve around four axes, which guided his action throughout his life:
* Changes in the capitalist-machinist system and automation.
* The origin of capitalism according to Marx and criticism of Marxism.
* The recent past in Argentine and Latin American political history.
* Popular music within the historical context and its method of teaching. As an appendix I have also added testimonies of several of his alumni and fellow travelers. Esther Soto

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